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Marin Queer and Trans Support Group
Safe Space Community Agreements

    1. This is an anonymous space. If you see a group attendee in public, be mindful that they may not be out, or they may not want people to know that they came to the support group. If you would like to request any sort of hangout outside the support group, or request to share your contact information with someone to speak with them outside of the group, please contact the group facilitator. They will reach out and request consent for sharing your information.

    2. Honor the talking piece. Whoever has the talking piece should be the only person talking, please do not interrupt whoever has the talking piece. If someone has requested responses, reflections or affirmations, wait until you have the talking piece to respond.

    3. Use everyone's chosen name and pronouns. If you are not sure of someone's pronouns, use they/them pronouns. Anyone who deadnames or misgenders another group member will be immediately corrected, regardless of who has the talking piece, and repeated deadnaming or misgendering will be recognized as harassment.

    4. Tell your own story not someone else's. Speak in the first person, and try not to make assumptions of how someone else may have been feeling or thinking.

    5. Please state content warnings for potential triggers, to give people a change to mentally prepare themselves or leave the room.

    6. Don't yuck my yum - if someone is sharing that they are really excited about something, don't respond by saying how much you dislike it. Similarly, if someone is sharing that they are having a hard time with something, don't respond by saying how great that thing is. These responses can make people feel shut down.

    7. Take care of yourself. Whatever that looks like for you. Take bathroom breaks. Drink water and eat snacks. Maybe you need to walk around the room, or step outside for some fresh air. Maybe you need to step away from the group for a bit and use your phone. Maybe you need to use a fidget toy. Self care is encouraged!

    8. Ask consent before responding to what someone else has said. A response can look like advice, a reflection, or sharing that you felt resonance with what someone else said.

    9. When responding to what someone else has said in the group, use language that they have already used. Be mindful when the words you are using to describe someone else or their situation are a projection of how you feel, or based on assumptions you have made. Mirroring words that someone else has already used can prevent people from feeling judged or analyzed.

    10. Avoid side conversations and being on your phone within the circle. If you need to talk to someone separate from the group or use your phone, please step outside.

    11. Accept people's differences and recognize your privileges. Everyone is welcome in the group. Please be mindful of how your privilege shows up.

    12. Share the microphone. When you have the talking piece, please say what you need to say, but also be mindful that the group is only two hours long so leave time for others to share.

    13. Please do not take photos, recordings, or notes during support group. If needed for regulation, small personal notes unrelated to group content is okay.

    14. No violence is tolerated. This includes physical violence as well as verbal abuse.

    15. No touching someone else without their consent.

    16. The Marin Queer and Trans Support group is committed to anti-racism, and questioning and dismantling white supremacy.

    17. This group is for you, and these community agreements are for you. This is a living document meant to reflect the needs of the group. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please leave a comment below, write suggestions on the provided paper during support group, send an email to marinqueers@gmail.com, or DM @marinqueers on instagram.

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